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Recognizing the essential bond between people and pets, we created PetAlive as a natural choice for keeping beloved pets happy and healthy.  With the mission of providing pet parents a natural choice for wellness, PetAlive was founded on the principles of safe, effective, holistic wellness solutions especially designed for pets.

PetAlive proudly formulates an extensive line of herbal and homeopathic remedies crafted to naturally support the quality of life of our beloved companions, with pet-friendly doses and remedies which can be easily administered. From internal organ support to behavior and performance, our supplements and medicines are crafted in the USA at the highest industry standards utilizing unique and trusted formulations found only at PetAlive.

PetAlive products are formulated by our team of experts in naturopathy, homeopathy and other natural remedy disciplines, with a collective passion to ensure delivery of the highest quality, efficacy and safety. We are committed to preserving the balance of our environment by using sustainably and, organically farmed or ethically wild-crafted ingredients whenever possible and the Full Spectrum method of extraction to maintain the plant’s natural integrity and balance.

Today, the PetAlive team continues its mission of finding a better way to enhance family wellness.  We continue to research and develop quality products that support long term systemic health and are safe, effective and virtually free of side effects.  As our family grows and evolves, we remain committed to helping you find a better way to natural wellness for all members of the family.

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