8 Tips for a Safe Summer for your Pet

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Summer is my favorite season.  The daylight hours are longer, the weather is warm and sunny, people are happier, social and community events abound, even the office seems more relaxed.  As you are out and about enjoying all the season has to offer, make sure your BFF is enjoying the season in a safe way.

  1. Never, never leave your pet in a locked car even with the windows cracked.  The temperature in a parked car can hit 100 degrees in minutes on a 70-degree day, even with the windows cracked.  Many states have passed legislation against leaving pets in a locked car.  If it’s too warm for you, it’s too warm for your pets.
  2. Walk or exercise with caution. Try to avoid walks during the hottest time of day, usually from 1 to 4 pm.  If this is your only option, slow down, shorten your route, provide clean, cool water for your pet more often and be alert for excessive panting and heat exhaustion.  Look for routes or paths that are grass, near water or at the beach to avoid excess heat from the concrete and asphalt.
  3. Keep it cool indoors. Keep the air conditioner on all day for your pets.  Remember, if it’s too warm for you, it’s too warm for your pets.
  4. Don’t share your barbeque. Never share alcoholic beverages with your pets.  These can cause intoxication, depression, and comas.  Foods enjoyed by your human friends should not be given as a treat to your pet.  Any change of diet may give your dog or cat digestive ailments.  Diarrhea usually occurs when something your pet has eaten does not agree with their stomach. RuniPoo Relief by PetAlive is an all-natural herbal supplement to relieve common symptoms of diarrhea in pets.
  5. The summer season brings storms. Make sure you have a disaster preparedness plan that includes your pets.  Never leave your pets behind.  If it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for your pets.
  6. Parasites are more prevalent in the summer. Make sure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations and flea and tick protections are current.  Parasite Dr. by PetAlive is an all-natural herbal remedy specially formulated for the expulsion of internal parasites such as roundworm, hookworm, and tapeworm.
  7. Don’t allow your pet to drink from puddles. Puddles on the street can contain anti-freeze which is sweet and attractive to pets, but poisonous.  Use caution in fields and parks as a weed killer, fertilizers and pesticides can collect in on the grass and in puddles.  Carry clean cool water for your pet.
  8. Create a safe, secure area for pets that are afraid of sudden, loud noises, such as fireworks. Sounds such as thunder, fireworks or vacuum cleaners can lead to a panic response by sensitive pets.  Scare-D-Pet by PetAlive is an all-natural homeopathic medicine to soothe anxiety in pets who are afraid of loud, sudden noises such as fireworks and thunder.

Here’s to a happy, healthy summer for you and your pets!


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