6 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

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Every year 3-4 million pets enter shelters, mostly through no fault of their own.  Most pets enter shelters due to mainly human problems – moving, divorce, finances, a lack of time, the death of an owner.  Looking at a shelter for your next pet has many advantages.

  1. You are saving a life. Not only are you saving the life of the pet you have chosen to adopt, but you are also making room for another pet who needs a new home.  Each year almost 3 million dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States simply because too many enter the shelters and too few are adopted.
  2. You are helping fight the puppy mills. Puppy mills will continue to operate as long as people continue to support them.  By purchasing your pet from a pet store, over the internet, or through a classified ad, you may be unwittingly supporting a puppy mill.
  3. You can skip the puppy stage. Dogs and cats of all ages are available in shelters.  Many are already socialized and house trained.
  4. You can save money. Most pets adopted from shelters will be up to date on their shots and may already be spayed or neutered.  Saving you the time and expense of these procedures.
  5. Shelters can provide you with resources. Shelters want you to have a great experience with your new pet so they can help you find resources for your pet, from veterinary care to training.
  6. Having a pet is good for your health. Pets provide unconditional love and support, help reduce stress, help you get more exercise and can increase your mood.

Congratulations!  You’ve decided to adopt a shelter pet or provide a new home to a pet.  You have just achieved hero status!  Just as people can have a hard time adjusting to a new environment, so can your new pet.  Below are some tips for helping your pet adjust to their forever home.

  1. Start slowly. Let your pet adjust at his own pace.  They must get used to new sights, sounds, smells, and people.
  2. Make sure your pet has its own space. Create a safe space where your pet can retreat if tired, stressed or overwhelmed.
  3. Dietary changes can cause diarrhea. Transitioning to a new diet can cause an upset stomach and diarrhea in your new pet.  Start by mixing the new food with the current food slowly if possible.  Gradually increase the amount of new food. Stress from moving can also cause stomach upset.  If your new pet has diarrhea for more than a few days, consult your vet.
  4. Keep your routine. The more consistent your routine, the faster your new pet will adapt to his new environment.
  5. Supervise your new pet. It may take time for you and your new dog to be on the same schedule so some accidents may occur.
  6. Be patient. Your new pet may need some time to adjust to his new environment.  Meeting all your friends and family may need to wait until your new pet is acclimated to your home.  Because your dog had a history all their own, it may take them time to settle in and adapt.

If your pet needs a little extra help settling into his new home, PetAlive® can help.  PetAlive® AdaptaPet™ is a homeopathic remedy specifically formulated to help pets settle into a new environment.

  • A calming remedy for rescue pets
  • Help encourage a sense of security and belonging
  • Supports emotional balance to develop trust
  • Easy to Use spray formulation can be sprayed on food or a treat
  • All natural, side-effect free homeopathic formulation

If your new pet is struggling with grief or depression from the loss of his previous home, PetAlive® Sad Pet Relief™ is an all-natural homeopathic remedy for cats and dogs experiencing depression, grief and pining.

  • Supports feelings of well-being in pets who are struggling with feelings of grief or loss
  • Alleviates grief and sadness related to loss
  • Encourages even mood
  • Help encourage a healthy appetite and energy levels
  • Easy to Use spray formulation can be sprayed on food or a treat
  • All natural, side-effect free homeopathic formulation

While adding a new pet to your home brings excitement and happy expectations, be patient and allow your new companion the opportunity to adjust to their new environment.  Enjoy being a proud pet parent!


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