Warning Signs of Cancer in Pets

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Cancer can be hard to detect early on in pets given that they can’t speak up when they aren’t feeling well (wouldn’t that be nice!). While detection is rather difficult, there are many signs to watch for if you’re suspicious your pet may be affected by this horrible disease.

sad golden retriever

Abnormal swellings/masses that persist or continue to grow

While a mass can be benign and we hope that it is, it’s important to have these masses analyzed by a professional.

Sores that don’t seem to heal

If your pet has a wound that doesn’t seem to heal despite providing it with treatment, this may be a sign that your pets body is fighting off much more than just this wound.

cat on cement.jpeg

Unexplained weight loss

Unless you have intentionally placed your pet on a weight loss program, it is unusual for your pet to experience dramatic losses in weight. Seek advice from your naturopathic vet should your pet be experiencing such a loss.

cat taking a treat.jpeg

Loss of appetite

In relation to the last warning sign, if your pet drastically reduces or completely halts all food intake, this could be an indication of an intestinal mass.

gray cat sad.jpeg

Bleeding or discharge

While it could stem from less serious causes, bleeding or discharge from any opening in the body could be a sign of cancer. See your pets provider right away if your pet is experiencing these symptoms.

lazy pug

Significant loss of energy

Sometimes we all need a break, but if your pet shows signs of a significant loss of energy and shows great reluctance to exercise for extended periods of time, it may be time to have them evaluated.

Having any one of these symptoms does not mean with absolute certainty that your pet has cancer, however, being proactive could be a life saver for your pet!

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The content provided is for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If your pet has a health condition, please consult a veterinary professional and do not use this information to diagnose or self-treat.



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    Thank you for writing this post. It is so important to pay attention to any small changes in our pets behavior and health. Paying attention can make a huge difference!

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