Cats or Dogs? Where do you fall on the spectrum?

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Are you a cat person or a dog person?  What does that really mean and what are the differences between the two?  The terms generally describe your affinity for a domesticated animal preference.  However, there are some people who base a significant portion of their identity on their affinity for cats or dogs.

The debate about cats or dogs has been going on for some time.  Twitter, YouTube and other social media channels are full of lively and creative takes on this topic.  There are over 450 million results for cat vs. dog people on Google!

According to Psychology Today there are differences between people who are decidedly cat or dog people.

  • Dog people are more extraverted.  Having a dog is a more social experience due to the need to walk them.  Having a dog on a walk or at a dog park provides more opportunities for social interactions of all types.
  • Cat people tend to score higher in intelligence and are more intellectually curious.
  • The motives for cat and dog lovers may vary.  A study by Denise Guastello found that 38% of dog lovers were looking for companionship and 45% of cat lovers wanted affection.

Regardless of where you fall on the cat/dog/both/neither spectrum there are definite benefits to having a pet.  Living with pets can help lower your blood pressure, lessen anxiety, boost your immunity and even help you get a date.

James E. Gern, MD, a pediatrician at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, analyzed the blood of babies immediately after birth and one year later.  He found if a dog lived in the home, infants were less likely to show evidence of pet allergies and eczema.  They also had higher levels of some immune system chemicals – a sign of stronger immune system activation.

A dog is a natural conversation starter.  Sometimes that conversation stays at the dog level and sometimes it becomes a real social exchange.

People in stress mode can have high levels of cortisol and norepinephrine which can negatively affect the immune system.  Enjoyable activities like playing with a dog or cat can raise serotonin levels and dopamine.

Pets not only provide you with unconditional love, they provide you with a sense of purpose.  No matter how blue you feel, you still need to walk the dog and feed the cat.

Do you know cats can teach us tolerance?  Cat’s are independent by nature and they don’t change their personalities to please their human.  Humans learn to accept the special needs and quirks of each cat.  In fact, domestic cats are still very similar to their wild ancestors.

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