Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day, February 20th

How to Show Your Pets You Love Them

February is the month to focus on love. Did you know there’s a special day to celebrate the love we feel for our pets? February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day! So after Valentine’s Day passes, keep the red heart décor up a little longer and celebrate “puppy love.”

Most homes in the U.S. have at least one pet, with cats, dogs, birds and fish among the most popular. The health benefits of pet ownership are well-known, from stress relief to lower blood pressure to increased socialization.

National Love Your Pet Day is the perfect time to focus on making your dog or cat look and feel extra good. Let’s take a look at some ways to show extra love and appreciation to our furry friends.

History of National Love Your Pet Day

The exact origins of this day in the United States aren’t clear, but it seems to have started in the early 2000s and later took off on social media. What better way to celebrate the unconditional love we get from our pets than dedicating a whole day to showing them extra affection?

How to Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

  1. Give your pet extra attention. Most likely, what your pet craves is simply more of your time and attention. Make an effort to be present with them and spend time down on their level. Put down your phone, close your laptop and take some time to focus solely on your furry companion. If your pet enjoys grooming, make her feel pampered with a few extra strokes of the brush. A mini massage might make her day. Take an extra-long walk, and let your pup stop and sniff to their heart’s content—especially if walks are usually all business. Or plan a visit to a dog park, local nature trails or nearby lake for some new adventures.

2. Up your pet’s style game. This is the perfect time to upgrade your pet’s hardest-working apparel—the collar. Collars get dirty and worn-out-looking quickly. It may be time to replace. From colorful designs to neutral tones, there’s something out there to express every pet’s unique personality. For dogs (and dog owners) who are into outfits, splurge on a cute new sweater or doggie parka. You can even bring your pet along with you to shop in many pet stores.

3. Focus on health. Nothing says “I love you” like making sure your pet’s health and well-being are on track. A quick call to the vet can ensure pet vaccines and other routine testing are up to date. Deep clean your pet bedding to remove potential allergens and funky smells (a win-win for you and your pet) and remember to brush your dog’s teeth.

4. Make your pet’s skin and coat look extra healthy. When your cat or dog feels good from the inside out, it shows. A shiny coat and healthy skin are two signs your pet is living her best life. Herbal supplements including these favorites Skin and Coat Tonic™, support shiny, healthy coats and skin, plus support organ, thyroid and immune function.

5. Support your pet’s brain power. Older dogs can start to experience lower energy levels, memory loss and fatigue. You can give their bodies and brains a boost with homeopathic remedies that will help them feel young at heart again by using our Brain Health Booster.

6. Try hemp for pets. This special day is the perfect time to introduce hemp to your pet’s diet, if you haven’t already. Pet Alive Full-Strength Hemp Extract 250 mg and Extra-Strength 500 mg, are popular with pet owners who want to support bone and joint health and overall wellbeing.

7. Get creative with training and toys. Remember, showing love to your pet doesn’t have to be expensive. Set aside some extra training time to work on a fun new trick or practice favorite commands like “sit” and “shake” to build self-confidence. Older dogs may seem to have lost interest in their go-to toys from puppyhood, but seeing an old favorite could spark some of that playful energy again.

No matter how you choose to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day in 2023, remember to spoil and appreciate your furry family members all day long.


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