National Dogs in Yellow Day is March 20

The surprising reason why some dogs wear yellow

Did you know there’s a special day devoted to raising awareness about reactive and anxious dogs? Even fearful furry friends need love, so March 20th is observed as National Dogs in Yellow Day in the United States.

Let’s take a look at the history of Dogs in Yellow Day, explore what to do if you see a four-legged friend wearing yellow, and learn how you can help an anxious or reactive dog with behavior problems.

History of Dogs in Yellow Day

Dogs in Yellow Day was founded by Sarah Jones, according to National Today. Jones’ pooch, Bella, was attacked by a dog as a puppy and developed a fear of meeting other animals. This progressed into a type of anxiety that resulted in growling or lunging at other animals out of fear.

Jones started the #dogsinyellow campaign on social media to help animals like Bella be better understood. Her goal is to get the message out to as many unknowing dog owners as possible to spread awareness of how to help a dog suffering with anxiety.

Why is Dogs in Yellow Day important?

The human world can be confusing, even for humans. Imagine being an animal trying to learn to navigate this unpredictable, overstimulating environment! For canines with anxiety, it can all just feel like too much. They can become scared, reactive and even aggressive if not given the proper help and support from their humans.

Yellow is seen as a color of “caution.” Think of crosswalks and other street signs. The visual cue of a yellow ribbon or apparel subtly signals to passersby that caution is warranted. It serves as a way for pet owners to communicate to others that their dog needs extra space and shouldn’t be approached.

What to do if you see a dog wearing yellow

Animals wearing yellow are still “very good boys” (and girls), so it’s not about being judgmental of them or their owners. A pet owner who takes the time to dress their animal in yellow is going above and beyond to help their pet successfully navigate their surroundings.

If you see a pet wearing yellow, assume they don’t like socializing. Keep your distance so they feel like they have space.

A yellow ribbon or yellow apparel doesn’t necessarily mean the animal is aggressive. It signals they are fearful, not yet fully trained on “manners,” not yet socialized, or unfamiliar with strangers.

Whether or not someone’s pet is wearing yellow, always pay attention to an animal’s body language to see if it is displaying aggressive dog behaviors. These can include lowered body posture, ears back, growing, barking and lunging.

Animals displaying aggressive behavior are usually terrified, not necessarily mean. They need help to feel at ease. A pet parent with this type of animal should also look into behavior modification classes and discuss the issue with their veterinarian.

Homeopathic and herbal treatment for dog anxiety

Pets experiencing fear and anxiety can benefit from natural, homeopathic and herbal remedies. These can help them stay calm and are an alternative to anti-anxiety medication to treat dog anxiety.

Here are some of our favorites to reduce anxiety:

EaseSure-M™ is a homeopathic medicine for nervous system health in pets. It promotes nervous system calm, reduces involuntary muscle movements and twitching, promotes deep sleep and relieves a depressed mood.

Scare-D-Pet™ is a popular safe, all-natural anti-anxiety remedy for pets. The homeopathic formula promotes calm and relaxation in cats and dogs. It comes in an easy-to-use dropper bottle and produces a gentle, sedative-life effect.

See more favorite supplements for anxiety in pets here:

Hemp extract for pets with fear and anxiety issues

Research on cannabis for pets is limited, but it points to the endocannabinoid system in canines playing a similar role as it does in humans.

Anecdotally, owners of anxious dogs and cats report hemp extract helps relieve their pet’s anxiety, along with other potential benefits such as relieving pain, nausea, inflammation and more. Talk to your veterinarian for CBD medical advice specific to your pet.

PetAlive® Full-Strength Hemp Extract 250mg contains naturally occurring CBD (THC-free), phytocannabinoids and other beneficial compounds to support your pet’s comfort and good health. Also available in Extra-Strength 500mg formula.


The loyalty, protection and friendship offered by domestic dogs have earned them a prime spot in our hearts and in our homes. Despite the love we have for our pets, some can feel fearful or anxious around other people, animals, loud noises and more.

March 20th is a helpful reminder to be aware of dogs’ boundaries to help them avoid destructive behavior. We should be respectful of all types of dogs, including those who are among the “yellow army” of four-legged friends who need a little extra space.


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